Unleashing Fun and Unity with Happy Sparrow

Time flies and we have come down to our second last team bonding activity of 2023! This time, we had a fun packed day which started with of course, a company lunch! We had the pleasure of dining in at Kenny Rogers Roasters Marina Square! There were loads of discussion about travel plans and also talks regarding the next part of the day which is 007 Adventures by Happy Sparrow!

Here’s a mandatory group photo before the start of the games.

We engaged Jack from Happy Sparrow to run this round of engagement event and boy was it much fun! Teamed with diverse departments, we unite to brainstorm ingenious strategies to win the missions and break down barriers, reminding us that our collective strength is unparalleled. Here are some of the missions that we completed as a team!

Here’s one with the ‘mystery man’ that we had to find as part of the 007 mission.

After 3 hours of going around the area and completing the missions, we finally gathered to find out the results!

4th Place: Team 1!

3rd Place: Team 4

2nd Place: Team 2

And finally, the winner this time round was Team 3! Their strategy was to take the train instead of walking hence looking the most fresh out of the 4 teams.

Hats off to our agents and the organizers from HAPPY SPARROW for crafting a day that’s shaken, not stirred, in the best way possible!

Here’s to proving that when we work together, the sky’s not the limit – it’s just the beginning! Enjoy the video collage!🔥🚀

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