Savoring the Tastes of Home!

It’s that wonderful time again when we pause our work routines to come together and enjoy a feast filled with heartwarming food and engaging conversations.

This time, our team has unanimously agreed to host a virtual dinner with a special theme that celebrates the essence of home. We’re diving into our rich culinary heritage and sharing the flavors that remind us of family gatherings and cherished traditions.

Prepare your taste buds for a delightful array of Filipino dishes that bring the comforting taste of home right to your screen. From savory classics to sweet treats, we’re excited to savor the beloved flavors of Pinoy cuisine together.

Explore a feast of Filipino flavors starting with succulent steamed bangus, seasoned to enhance its delicate taste, and fiery, crispy fried chicken. Savor the crunch and zest of Pampanga’s famous sizzling sisig and enjoy the rich, smoky essence of perfectly grilled fish. Warm your soul with chicken halang-halang, a spicy coconut broth stew.

Complement these dishes with the crisp taste of chilled Coke. Delight in more crispy fried chicken, vegetable and meat-filled lumpia, and uniquely sweet-savory Filipino spaghetti. Relish tender pork adobo and sweet-tangy fish escabeche. Finish refreshingly with the sweetest mangoes and the famous buko pie from Naga, rounding out a menu that’s both heartwarming and tantalizing.

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