Truegenics Goes Sneakers Art Jamming!

Our Q2 activity is the first of its kind in Singapore; Sneakers Art Jamming! It is a one-of-a-kind art jamming workshop where we get to customize our very own pair of sneakers and wear our own creation, with or without stencils.

We started off by filling our tummies first at Swensens and here we are already seated with our art jamming groups.

After lunch, we made a move to our next venue, HIGHFive. HIGHFive is an event space available for booking and it comes with entertainment such as darts machine, Nintendo switch and even Karaoke! However, the main purpose of us coming here is to have a sneakers art jamming workshop by Artistra! 

Fun fact, as the weather is scorching hot in Singapore, the first response that most people have when arriving at the venue was “ahhhh air con!” 😊

Look at all the happy faces with their sneakers in progress! We were able to choose the stencils that we want, be it their standard designs or submitting a custom design. Some of us even chose to draw freehand!

Here are some of the sneakers painted by us!

We had a short group competition after, where each group was given 30 minutes to illustrate according to the theme “Life at Truegenics”. Very amazed at the talent and creativity that we witnessed during the group competition. Every group showcased their artistic skills and teamwork and it was just a great reminder of our company’s vibrant work culture where everyone of us has a crucial part to play in order for us to literally win as a company and as a team.

The 2nd place winner went to Wei Leng, Weisi, Matthew, Ericko, Pamela, Farrah and Hanim! 

And the group that won the judges’ hearts is Ferisa, Samuel, Michelle Lee, Michelle Toh, Sue, Marcus and Ming Long!

Their design is inspired by the background of our office pantry, which witnessed our fun times and work chatters.

Here are the end products of the group competition as we displayed them on top of our lockers!

Group photo to end off the day.

We all know that work can sometimes be challenging and demanding. Deadlines, projects, and meetings can sometimes take their toll. But we run events like this to remind us of the importance of balance, fun, and shared experiences. If there’s one thing that we can take away from the event is the the power of creativity and collaboration.

Here’s to continued collaboration, innovation, and us pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve together in our daily work.

Enjoy this video montage by our very own Video Team:

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