Say Yes to Yumm At Kubu!

Here comes the month of March! Dining out again with the team and this month is very special since there are 4 March babies that are celebrating their birthday.

Mandatory group photo while waiting for the food!

March babies (Maggy, Sachi, Coralie & the one and only Myke Areja!)

For this month team dinner, we have decided to eat at the newest restaurant in IT park, Kubu.

They serve typical Filipino dishes. What we love about this new restaurant in IT park is the availability of a set menu for groups, definitely perfect for team dinners and also this place has a cozy ambience good for relaxation after a long day at work.

Look at the interior <3

Stairway to outdoor dining

Beautiful outdoor dining!

Nothing beats the taste of traditional Filipino cuisine <3 Crispy pata, tunga panga, pancit, buttered chicken with potato chips

On that night, we indulged in such guilty pleasure and forego with our diets. We ate to our heart’s content. After all, a cheat day won’t hurt and touchwood, cause us to die yet!
Overall, it was a fun and satisfying experience for food lovers like us. There is nothing better than enjoying great food with great people. Till another team dinner guys!

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