Rolando “RJ” Abejo, Jr. : A Tribute to a Friend

We have known him for his creativity; one of his many attributes that you can rely on. With that, he was the go-to person in the office to organize events because he never ran out of ideas.

His fondness of light colors–especially neon colors are one of his neck-turner confidence as he wore neon dri-fit shirts and floral short pants; his fashionably fun.

He was the go-to person when we’re just dumb and confused with what to do with our tickets. He will never leave you hanging and he was always ready to help you solve the matter and at the same time teaches you what he knows and to be patient.

RJ was a soft-hearted soul who always looks out for others before himself. A person who always want to make everybody laugh with his witty jokes and he was a very brave and strong individual who chose to face everything alone. Something that we sorely regret thinking that everything was within his control.

We had all the chances to reach out but didn’t. He had all the ways to open up to us but he chose to fight his battle alone.

We wish he had stayed longer, knowing how goal oriented he is, he would have achieved far more. We wish we had more days with him, as we would have learned more from him and would have shared even more fun times with the team.

Rest in Peace, RJ. You will always be remembered!


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