Reasons To Smile

The 14th of February started off with a surprise from TG’s resident lovebird, ‘Mr T’ – gifting every single one of us a Valentine’s Day present at our desks first thing in the morning.

We may not know who this Romeo-like figure may be, but clearly it won some of our hearts over, and set us in a happy mood for the day:

1We’re not sure if love was in the air or if it was some kind of toxic gas

Quite a fitting thing to do – considering we had a bunch of February babies who needed their birthdays to be celebrated!

2 Raff, Vyvyan, Ella and Marverne took center stage this time round, with of course, 2 delectable cakes that just begged us to tuck into them.

3           4

With fresh roses in hand, fresh off our CNY company lunch and a birthday celebration to top things off – we definitely have plenty of reasons to smile this month!

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