Ramadan in Truegenics

Singapore prides itself on being a multi-racial and religious country. After all, its population is made up of 4 main ethnic groups: Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. Truegenics is no different and we’re proud of that.

A special month for our Muslim colleagues, May is when Ramadan begins. Since it’s determined by the lunar Islamic calendar, 16 May 2018 and 14 June 2018 marks the beginning and end of the holy month.

Known to most Singaporeans as the fasting month, Ramadan is when all our Muslim friends fast from sunrise to sundown (except those who are sick, pregnant, and going through “that time of the month”). Did you know that other than eating, even drinking water isn’t allowed either? They’re really dedicated!
As the sun sets, Muslims from all over the world will adjourn for prayer before breaking their fast with their families. The importance and significance of this holy month are not lost on Truegenics, and we support our Muslim colleagues during this special time by allowing them to end work early.
We wish all our Muslim colleagues a blessed Ramadan!

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