Marching Towards Yumminess!

Here we are once more! We’re ditching the work stuff and gathering round the table for some scrumptious food and good old chitchat!

The team came up with a unanimous decision for a virtual dinner, and this time, we’re going cultural! Get ready to see some mouthwatering Filipino dinner delights!

Let’s start off with this feast basket! It’s got stir fried noodles, chicken cordon bleu, and oh, look at that crispy buttered chicken! Crunch!

Next, here’s tofu sliced in cubes with pork sauteed in oyster sauce, onions and green chilies, along with fried fish topped with lots of tomatoes

In this corner, we got roasted chicken with cola on the side, chicken barbecue meal with pancit palabok, and an indulging box of sweet cassava cake with cheese on top!

For this part right here, on the left is Sisig (minced pork jowl and ears sauteed in onions and peppers, topped with fried egg) with spaghetti. Shown on the right, a little lowkey meal of sizzling pork belly glazed with gravy and mixed veggies!

These are spring rolls and “nilagpad” (thinly sliced lean pork, liver, and sausages with potatoes and carrots).

Another feast — a plate of grilled pork belly and some barbecue with Java rice underneath. And, a little cup of halo-halo!

And last but not the least, a whole bunch of goodies! Fresh coconut juice, a bowl of stir-fried noodles with squid rolls, sisig with rice, and budbud kabog — a type of native cake mainly made with glutinous rice and coconut milk, and wrapped in banana leaves.

For the ultimate finale, here are the mandatory groupfies!!

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