Look who’s back at Casa Verde?!

They say good food has a way of bringing people together, and there’s no better way to strengthen team bonds than over a hearty meal.

In this blog, I’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey on our recent team dinner at Casa Verde, where delectable cuisine and camaraderie blended seamlessly to create an unforgettable evening.

This restaurant is located at The Walk in Cebu IT Park, and it’s one of the best, well-known eating places in town!

Their menu is packed full of tempting seafood dishes, meat meals and burgers. On the photo below is their famous Brian’s Ribs — baked pork ribs in a sweet, tangy piquet sauce, served with rice, corn and carrots!

Another delicious choice is this seafood platter — calamare, battered shrimp, and fish all deep-fried to ultimate crisp! Nom nom!

A few other yummies we tried are their Buffalo Wings (breaded chicken wings fried until golden and tossed in their “top-secret” recipe sauce) and (my favorite) the Bacon + Mushroom + Cheese burger with the juiciest patty ever!!!

And for the huge delight — their Mighty Ton (a kilo of tenderloin patty stuffed in a 12-inch bun with bacon, and an overload of lettuce, sauteed onions, tomatoes, mushroom and American cheese, paired with fries)

Finally, the mandatory group snap! Here’s to the team, the food, and the memories. Until our next dinner, let’s keep the spirit of camaraderie alive!

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