Food Exchange @ Novotel Singapore

Our highly anticipated monthly lunch was yesterday, and you could feel an almost palpable buzz in Truegenics in the morning. Usually, a lot of us like to have breakfasts of toast and coffee, but most held back thanks to the upcoming buffet lunch.

We know, we shouldn’t starve ourselves on account of a buffet (the health research we’ve done in Truegenics tells us so…), but we just can’t help but want to get the most bang for our (boss’) buck!

The décor was tastefully eclectic, with tables purposefully mismatched in texture (marble and wood), various kinds of lounge chairs, and a full view of the pool outside. Not bad at all for a Thursday! (Of course, some of us stared wistfully at the cooling water, beckoning us for a dip.)

But that’s not what we want to talk about.

It’s always about the food. No joke.

In fact, we were so serious about our lunch that…we all forgot to take pictures. We just started devouring every dish in sight; they were good. The freshly grilled satay was perfection! Not to mention the tender rotisserie chicken that the chef specially carves upon request. Oh, oh, and there was the ham and cheese platter, complete with sweet cranberries and tangy olives. And did I mention the huge salad bar with a whole wheel of cheese available for self-carving?

And since we have no pictures for you…you should really check them out for yourself 😉 (No, this is not a sponsored post! :P)

They also had this huge space outside the restaurant for us to take a great photo, with superb natural light and lush (fake) green grass.

Co photo

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