Celebrating Raya at the Straits Kitchen

Mid-June marked the end of fasting for our Muslim colleagues and naturally, it was a cause for celebration. To commemorate the special day, Team Truegenics set off for the Straits Kitchen located in Grand Hyatt Singapore.

Their polished, wooden tables gleamed under the dim lights as we stepped into the establishment. The familiar aroma of curry cooking in a pot, fried shallots and spices tickled our nostrils and stimulated our appetites.

As our hands hurriedly piled food onto the plates, our eyes excitedly scanned other food counters to see if there was anything else we’d like to sample. Chefs in white were skilfully toss-frying woks of fried noodles, deftly carving roasted meats, and powerfully kneading lumps of dough. Such amazing display of skills hinted to us that the food must be delicious, and they didn’t disappoint. Everything, from the plating to taste, was a feast for our senses.

After that, we took a commemorative shot outside Straits Kitchen with our full bellies.

Since the reward for the funniest face has been increased — winners can now get a $50 voucher — many of us decided to up our game. Sticking out your tongue and rolling your eyes? Pft, that’s too normcore. It was time to toss our image out the window and contort our faces till we were unrecognizable. And that was what most of us did.


After the above photo was shared in the common chat, we had a good laugh at all our expressions. Whose was your favorite?

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