A Virtual Christmas🎅🎄🎁

If you have been following us, we usually have a big Christmas party where we’d dress up according to the theme, play some games and do the traditional secret Santa gift exchange. 

This year, Covid or no Covid, the show must go on and we are so glad it did!

Albeit virtual, we still play dress-up with lesser prep work because Zoom background really can bring you to places. Can anyone guess what’s the theme this year from these pictures?

We have a few doctors (TCM included) and surgeons working together on a vaccine for Covid-19. The surgeons were really committed and wore a PPE throughout the session.


image16 image11 image9

Sorry to disappoint you, it is not a frontliner/health care theme although it was one of the popular go-to dress choice!

We also have a pair of geomancers who told us that great fortune awaits ALL OF US in 2021! Yes we would like to believe that as well, please!

image7 image8

How about a member of BTS – Oppa Travis and his bodyguard, Ah Hock? There are absolutely no limits!

image1 image17

CHRISTMAS THEME FOR 2020 was (drum roll please)…….



Did you get it right?

We have the good people from EKA facilitating the activities and games. We were split into two groups and was sent off on a mission to solve a Murder/Horror Mystery. It’s a lot like an Escape Room with puzzles to solve but we did it remotely instead. 


This team below placed a lot of pressure on Forensic Examiner/CSI Wei Leng and Paranormal Investigator Khadijah to help us with the mystery and they sure lived up to their character and made us laugh hard with their investigation findings! 


Last but not least, any guesses yet on who won best dressed for this year? Let’s have a look at everyone before you guess the TOP 3!


Who are your favorites?

Here we go! Here are the winners:

3rd place goes to Jeremy;

who wished he was a Culinary Chef dealing with poultry and specifically, bok choy, instead of coding all day. His Michelin star cuisine would be Hainanese Chicken Rice.


2nd place goes to: Shi Hai,

our funeral planner. If you want a happy funeral, he and his troop will make it happen with their viral dance.


And finally, first place for this year goes to… Radz;

a painter/artist from Paris! She blew us away with her french accent. There was no way that she could have gone home without any prize. The stache looks too good on her.


2020 has been a challenging year for most businesses and we hope that 2021 will bring us a bundle of joy, health and good fortune (our in-house geomancers said so!) as the world heals from Covid – 19. 

From all of us at Truegenics, Merry Christmas everyone! Au Revoir! 

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