A lunch date at CreatureS

For our August company lunch outing, we headed to Desker Road. For those that don’t know, this stretch of road was known to be sleazy and notorious. After all, it used to be a red-light district. Nowadays, however, it’s a trendy hang-out spot for hipsters.

When it was announced that the destination for our monthly get-together was going to be at CreatureS, a ripple of excitement could be felt spreading throughout the company.

Colleagues who’ve gone there before swear by the food and cakes. Must-try and absolutely delicious, they say. Now, with such raving reviews, we can we do but look forward to lunch?

After arriving at its doorstep in a sweltering afternoon, its lush, tropical, and chic décor immediately transported us away from the concrete jungle to a seemingly alternate space where cleverly placed vases of flowers and leaves made an otherwise typical restaurant so much more alluring.

With the food being a fusion of familiar Asian spices and Western-style cuisine, this is very much the place to try something different.

And we did just that!

Some of the popular options were the Miso Cod and Ulam Onigiri, Zhu Burger, and Lamb Shank Rendang. And how can we forget desserts? Without them, a meal is never complete! Though their names are plain, the chocolate and durian cake doesn’t disappoint for CreatureS have perfected their recipes. To echo the sentiments of our colleagues, they are a must-try!

At the end of it, it feels as though each of us has been blessed with a wonderful experience and here’s a group photo to commemorate this day!


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