Sculpting Truegenics Team Spirit Through Pottery Making Workshop

Company lunch is always something special, and today was no exception. We went to (working title) LASALLE and we were blown away by the dishes. The best part of our company lunches is the chance to relax and connect with each other. We laughed, shared stories, and enjoyed every bite.

Hereā€™s a group photo while we wait for our bus to the next location.

After lunch, we went to get our hands dirty at a hand building and wheel throwing pottery workshop by Common Touch! Everyone was able to shape a piece of clay into something that they wanted and also had their turns at the wheel throwing machine. There was havoc in different parts of the room when people were having their tries at the wheel throwing machines and it was hilarious!

As with most of our engagement activities, we ended the workshop with a competition. All teams are required to come up with a sculpture representing our core values and each team surprised us with their creativity.

Check out this short reel that sums up the fun that we have on that day!

Thanks for watching and catch you on the next one!

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