Making A Difference...

At TrueGenics, we really believe that we can change the future of health through the work that we do. Our goal may seem ambitious, but with a bit of dedication and hard work, we can definitely inspire and improve lives around the world.

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...While Still Having Fun

While we pride ourselves on being dedicated to our cause, we realize that we don't have to take ourselves too seriously in our quest to change the future. Having fun on our journey toward excellence ensures that everyone loves what they do here in TrueGenics. After all, it's not really work if you love what you do.

  • What's great about being at TrueGenics is that it doesn't feel like I'm part of a company, but rather, a family. No boring suits. No ties. Everyone shows up to work like they're getting ready to just hang out with friends and have a fun time. And for the most part, it IS fun. Sure we get busy most days but pretty much everyone makes a point to have fun. Whether it's joking around, playing board games, or even just catching up on the latest TV shows, our lunch hours are pretty much the highlight of the day.


    Senior Executive

  • I enjoy working in this company as I am able to use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of myself. I also have the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered. Also, the perfect blend of culture.

    Setoh Wei Leng

    Assistant Manager