Truegenics’ 2019 Christmas Bash

Last year’s Christmas celebration had us reveal our inner child as we dressed to the theme of cartoon characters.

Over the course of the year, a lot has changed—including our fashion sense:

Picture1TG definitely looking dashing this year

Our personalities might not have changed much, though:Picture2

TG’s 2019 Christmas bash was held, once again, at the Royal Palm @ Clarke Quay. This time, we made ­sure we dressed to impress, with the theme of “The Great Gatsby” inspiring a slew of fancy outfits.

If you think getting into the outfits were hard enough, try playing party games with them:

Picture4 Picture5 Picture3

From simple games like charades to more active ones which had us run around the area (some of us were in heels, by the way) to snap photos, the evening provided a first-hand experience of just how painful beauty can be.

Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without witnessing the performances of the top 5 best-dressed candidates! Choon Seng, Weisi, Hilda, Wayne and Jeremy took to the stage to showcase their ‘talents’ in a 30 second performance—all vying for the coveted prize of $1,888 dollars.


Photos simply don’t do justice

With Wayne’s James Bond-like impression to Jeremy’s unusual dance performance (yes, his suit was one-of-a-kind), the competition was fierce—to say the least.

Despite all their theatrics, in the end, it was the Hilda who emerged victorious! Her (for a lack of a better word) remarkable performance was enough to garner the most votes and snag the cash prize—ousting all the male competitors in the process.

Picture8Champion’s pose

2019 was definitely a growing year for the company. And while we had our share of ups and downs, the Christmas celebration was a good opportunity for us to relax, unwind, and set the tone for the upcoming year 🙂

Happy Holidays everyone!

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