SV Starbucks Challenge #toomanytocount

Of the many traditions in SV, there’s one that many of us look forward to each month: our Starbucks Challenge.

As explained before, 3 names are randomly picked from a “lucky draw” pool where names are entered each day based on tardiness (mind you, if you’re just late once, your name could get picked too! And vice versa – you could be really #blessed and escape unscathed even if you’re late every day).

So for April, here are the “chosen ones”: Raff, Cheryl, and Jiayu (left to right):

If there’s a Starbucks featured drink that you really wanna try or if you need your daily pick-me-up, this is a good opportunity to get a free drink, hehehe.

The sugar-induced smiles on our faces sure are a stark contrast to their glum faces. Thanks for the treat again Raff, Cheryl and Jiayu!

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