Rainy Twist: Outdoor To Office Feast

The anticipation was high as the team looked forward to our usual team dinner, an event that always brought us closer together. Yet, nature had alternate intentions this time, unleashing a torrent of rain. Undaunted by the weather, we chose to adapt and relocated our gathering indoors to the office setting.

Our feast arrived in the form of a generously sized “bilao,” a vibrant spread that promised to satisfy our taste buds. This culinary masterpiece featured an array of delectable dishes, including succulent lechon belly, plump shrimp, flavorful bam-i, and indulgent chicken cordon bleu.

One highlight of the feast was the inclusion of “pinakurat” a fiercy and tangy vinegar sauce that added a kick of spice to our already mouthwatering meal. This spicy condiment, elevated the flavors of each dish, leaving us craving more with every bite.

Of course, rain couldn’t dampen our appetite! Striking poses, before we dive into this feast of flavors.

In conclusion, our team dinner, held within the walls of our office, showcased our ability to adopt and make the most of any situation. As we savored each dish, we realized that it is not the location but the company that truly matters.

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