November Babies Part II


Happy birthday to Wayne, Eric, Shi Hai, Hidayah, and Ferisa!

What a mouthful, hahaha. It’s always a challenge when we try to sing Happy Birthday to multiple babies at once – out of the dozens of times we’ve sang, we have NEVER been synchronized. Too many cooks spoil the broth, you might say.

Despite the botched singing (every. single. time.), the mood is always easy and fun whenever we’re celebrating someone’s birthday. Moreover, this time we were celebrating 5 of them! Sometimes we wonder if our neighbors will start to complain about the noise level.

Anyway, this time the cake was from Café Flo, short for Food Lovers Only (cue our resident foodies screaming: “TAKE ME THERE NOW!”) and it’s a crowd favorite: Ondeh.

The cake was cold from the fridge, and tasted superb – the fluffy, moist sponge cake was well-complemented by the not-too-sweet ondeh flavor, along with light, soft cream.

As delighted murmurs started spreading among those who got their slices first, some began to comment, “I think this is the best cake I’ve had this year,” and another said, “Wow I thought all ondeh cakes were the same, but this is really delicious.”


We tasked birthday baby Ferisa to cut the cake, but take a look at her masterpiece:


Clearly, we chose the wrong person. (We still love you, Ferisa!)


We’re trying to up our game in making weird faces.

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