Lion Dance at SV 2017

The fixture of Chinese New Year, the lion dance, visited the SuccessVantage offices earlier. Let’s hope it brings us a ton of good luck for the year to come!

This year’s lion was a bright splash of pink, which brought a modern touch to this age-old tradition. One of the lions even had a wiggly bum. As the old saying goes, lions with wiggling backsides bring the best luck.

Or maybe that’s not actually a thing.


It’s customary for the lions to leave a message of prosperity, along with a “lucky number” for 4D enthusiasts. (4D is our lottery system in Singapore – you can choose any number combination from 0000 to 9999.)

The Chinese characters below the number in the picture says, “旺上加旺” which means “prosperity upon prosperity”. It’s usually used to convey well wishes for a booming business.

Which also can be translated to what we usually like to say in Singapore: HUAT AH!

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