Kyle’s Birthday

It’s the time of the month again for Success Vantage as we celebrate the birthday of Kyle, one of our noisiest and most annoying colleagues (we say that in the most loving way possible)!

Thanks to the many birthday surprises we’ve had over the past years, it’s getting increasingly hard each month to plan a cake ambush. So this time we sort of gave up and just…went with the flow? (See below for video proof of how utterly nondescript it was this time.)

See what I mean? We basically left the cake there for the birthday boy to find.
But it was a surprise nonetheless, and thanks to Kyle we all had free cheesecake for dessert! (Also thanks to those who actually bought the cheesecake, LOL.)


With a birthday cake comes a birthday gift, but this year everyone sort of ran out of ideas and so we decided to be Kyle’s game addiction enablers and bought him Steam gift cards. Which was a tedious process of PayPal mishaps that resulted in more than a few pulled hairs, let me tell you.

It was a fun birthday celebration however, and something that we always bicker-bond over monthly. There’s a sense of camaraderie when we brainstorm gift ideas and strategize on how to surprise the birthday boys/girls, since they pretty much know what’s coming already. Each month is a growing challenge (good thing is, we love challenges here at SV)!


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