January Babies 2017

So it is that time again. The time for one person in the office to get so excited that their screams of delight echo throughout the building, and no cake is safe.

Oh, and it was also time for our January babies to celebrate their birthdays. Three of them this time, all ‘surprised’ when a meeting turned into a happy birthday song and cake. One day we will get the hang of these birthday surprises โ€“ but that day was not today.

Our January babies are the office’s only ‘Ang Moh’ Jethro, New Year’s Day-born Alex, and Daniel, whom you may remember as having a weird obsession with cake-themed shirts. It really is an obsession; you should see his closet.


The cake was pretty good this time (it always is), and our cake-obsessed colleague gave it her seal of approval. Then again, she always does. Maybe she just has low cake standards? We may never know.


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