july 3

Happy birthday, July babies!

July is the month dedicated to celebrating the existence of blueberries, ice-creams, and hotdogs, but it’s cupcakes and cakes we’re using to celebrate the birthdays of our July babies – Cheryl (photo below), Khadijah, and Shikin (second photo, from left to right). Have a happy and blessed birthday!

july 1

Birthday celebrations conducted every month can get a little stale sometimes, which is why we attempted to spice things up a little by using cupcakes for the second celebration. Not only are they incredibly cute, they also come in an assortment of flavors, like red velvet and speculoos. With such a variety, there’s bound to be one cupcake for everyone.


We took the birthday commemorative shot in our new pantry. Just look at the amount of space we have now – no more squeezing and squishing together!

july 3
Have a wonderful day, Cheryl, Shikin, and Khadijah!

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