Glitter October

Ah, every month, the content team’s only girl gets to indulge in her favorite activity at Success Vantage: eating birthday cake. Even though it’s not her birthday.

Anyway, this month we’re celebrating the birthday of our one and only October baby: Sue!



It’s a glitter cake from dessert.cup this time. It’s becoming an increasing challenge to get a different cake each time, because everyone has a certain preference, and not all can agree on the cake of the month. But thankfully it’s a truth universally acknowledged that Sue loves glitter!



It’s nice to see how we all try to have a small slice despite not liking the flavor sometimes, or if we don’t even particularly like cake. (Some of us try not to consume too much sugar. We’re a mix of health nuts and junk-food fiends.) That’s the SV family spirit: Always give face—meaning “show some respect”, basically.

We’re big on mutual respect and helping each other out whenever needed. Sometimes tempers get flared on a bad day—as people confined in an enclosed space five days a week are prone to do—but we always come to an understanding at the end of the day: we’re a family and we all want the best for the company and for each other. And that everything can be solved with cake. Even if you don’t like glitter.



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