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On June 12, 2019, we decided to have our monthly team dinner at Kan-Anan Restaurant in Cebu Parklane International Hotel. As we are celebrating Philippines’ independence from the Spanish colonization, Kan-Anan is the perfect place to have some authentic Filipino cuisine.

Most people come here for “sutukil”, which Cebu is famous for. “Sutukil” stands for Sugba (Grilled), Tula or Tuwa (Tinola/Soup), and Kilaw (raw seafood in vinegar/kilawin). What you do in sutukil restaurants is, you get to check out their fresh catch of the day, pick your seafood (which could be a combination of different fishes, squids, shells, shrimps, crabs, etc.), then decide on how you want them prepared (grilled, in a soup, or raw – sashimi!)

The view from the 4th floor awed us with the changing colors of the blue sky as dusk neared. While we munched on fresh seafood, we were serenaded by an acoustic singer with some early 2000’s music that we could all relate to. It got even livelier when Iris’ name was called and we burst into a raucous rendition of Happy Birthday for her.

1Roses are red, violets are blue. Our hearts were captured by this beautiful view.

23Grilled Salmon, Clam Soup, Grilled Pork Belly, and Chorizo De Bilbao.

4We snailed it! (Pun intended)

5We always have that one friend who laughs at their own jokes. Nice try, Karen.

6The long wait is finally over. Food is ready and so are our bellies.

7The aftermath.

8Great leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders.

9Great night with great people. On to the next one!

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