Creative Jammin’ on the 11th floor

Every person will experience a creative block at some point or another. Staring blankly at the computer screens or pulling out tufts of hair during panicky situations is no strange occurrence.

For people like those in our Video team, who constantly rack their brains to think of new ideas or solutions, it’s important to recharge and relax. The creatives at Truegenics understand this best, which explains the presence of a creative board at Level 11’s office.

And it’s not just random scribbles and sketches – these have the sacred responsibility of keeping everyone sane and productive. More importantly, they keep the creative juices flowing, and the laughter endless.

Everyone contributed to the board, but no one can deny the talent and skills Joan (one of our Video Maestros) has when it comes to drawing. Look at how realistic Detective Conan and SpongeBob are!

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