Company Lunch at Kaw Kaw

If you’re wondering what does Kaw Kaw means, we’re not surprised. After all, we pondered about the same question initially.

It’s pronounced as ‘gao’, which has multiple meanings – thick in Hokkien and tall in Chinese.

They perfectly describe their well-known burger patties, which are thick and juicy. Furthermore, you can stack them as much as you like (up to 10 patties per burger), though this feature doesn’t exist in the franchise store in Singapore. What a pity.

Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Kaw Kaw is a classic rags-to-riches story where the founders, Zul and Nita, started selling grilled burger patties at a street kiosk and before turning it into a popular and successful franchise.

It is at this place where we had our September company lunch.

In this spacious, rustic, and artsy restaurant, we enjoyed our burgers, pasta, and steaks. The cozy ambiance also lent for a great place to chill, relax, or catch up with our colleagues. It was a good afternoon well spent!


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