Cathlene Mae Mamugay: A Tribute to KC

What did you call her? Cat…Kat…KC…Cathlene with the C…
She was called so many things by different people. Well, I am one of the few who fondly call her “CHOI” (slang for a guy who excels in everything).

Your bright smile and contagious laugh always lit up the room.
You’re gone too young and too soon. But our memories linger on.
Thank you for sharing your life with us and for letting us share ours with you.

We miss you…
Because you are no longer here with us.
Because you are not here to fix our PCs and other technical stuffs.
Because you are not here to buy us food and snacks should our greedy and famished stomachs want reprieve.
Because you are no longer here to laugh with us.
Because you are no longer here to argue with.
Because you are no longer here to share stories with.

No. You are somewhere…with your father…someplace where we will meet…someday.

Goodbyes are not the end, they simple mean, we’ll miss you until we meet again.

“Immortality is impossible. In every man, death awaits. Death makes man complete. In dying, man is proven to be man – a mortal who existed. Death is not the enemy of man. It is his destiny; his fulfillment; his wholeness. Once man exists at birth, he immediately starts  his journey to death. Man is a being-towards-death.” -Martin Heidegge

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