july ukelele

Bonding over Ukuleles

At Truegenics, we’re serious about company outings. Held once every couple of months, they serve to foster greater team-bonding and interactions. Plus, what better way to recharge by getting away from the grind once in a while?

Though there were many other options, like soap-making, ukulele proved the most popular. After all, who can resist this adorable instrument?

With the humorous anecdotes and patience offered by our instructors, Benjamin and Edmund from TravelClef, we were able to remember and play the basic chords that acted as the foundation for many songs.

For those of us without musical background or aren’t familiar with stringed instruments, we were jamming to pop songs, like Jason Mraz’s I’m yours and Bruno Mar’s Marry You, at the end of the lesson. Amazing, isn’t it?

Not only did we learn a new skill (need someone who can play the ukulele at functions?), we also had a blast and laughed till our sides ached. Here’s to more moments like this!

july ukelele

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