A Swedish lunch date

We were at Fika for our April company lunch. If you haven’t guessed, it’s a Swedish restaurant and that means Swedish meatballs and Daim cake!

If you do a quick Google search, Fika means coffee/coffee break. But Fika is more than that. It’s the Swedish culture of consciously slowing down and taking the time to enjoy, reflect and savor life.

We had the whole of level 2 to ourselves and it was furnished exactly like what you think Scandinavian homes would look like. There’s a faux fireplace, lots of wooden furniture – long oak tables and chairs – and comfy cushions. With the dim and warm lighting, the sound of rain pattering on the windows and the smell of polished wood permeating the air, we immediately felt relaxed and comfortable when we were seated at our seats.

After spending more than 30 minutes contemplating on what we would order, it’s time for the obligatory photo shoot. Tip: it’s always better to take photographs before a meal; a bulging belly is no one’s idea of a nice prop.


34a340f0-3331-48fb-bf4a-bae2a663f649When the food arrived, we didn’t really bother to take photos of it ‘cause we were too busy stuffing our faces. But we managed to snap photos of the baked salmon and grilled steak. The plating is pleasing to the eyes and the taste was superb!


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