The Last July Baby

Happy birthday Cheryl! You get two cakes all to yourself! Look how intensely she’s cutting the cake, and you’ll know how seriously she takes her food. Bye July!!!! It’s been a great month 😊


Lunch at Big Street

Truegenics’ monthly lunches can become a pretty big affair now that our family is constantly increasing! This July, we had a non-halal lunch at Big Street, which had lots of natural light, making for great pictures! And we totally forgot to take pictures of the food because…well, working people are hungry people 😉 Here’s the “fun” shot that entitles one …


A Squeeze of LéMon

“A little lemon juice makes everything better”. This is definitely the perfect way to describe last night’s team dinner as we went to LéMon at Golden Prince Hotel & Suites, just a few minutes walk from Cebu Business Center. All of us agreed that it is the best restaurant to choose from our list, as we have seen great reviews …


July Babies 2018

Each month we try our hardest to surprise the birthday babies, but there’s simply no way to keep the cakes hidden anymore – we’re constantly checking out the fridge! (Sidetrack: that’s also why we started replacing some of our pantry drink choices with less sugary options.) This time our resident Video Team head (and unofficially-appointed photographer) had some fun with …