December Birthdays Part (3)

Pamella, a recent and welcomed addition to our Marketing team, is the last birthday baby for this month. We’re a little sad because we want more celebrations and cakes. After all, who can resist such a combination? To make sure there are enough to go around, we got 2 cakes for her – one chocolate and one cheese. Happy birthday …

Ho Ho Ho Dinner Al Fresco!

It’s that time again when we gather in one table sharing laughter and cheer for the month it has been. It also marks the first month of the newest addition to the Truegenics-Cebu family — Iris, Karen, Leah and Neil. Our Team Dinner took place at Blue Elephant (19th floor, Apple One Equicom Tower, Mindanao Ave. Cebu City). Since it’s …

Truegenic’s 2017 Christmas Bash

Though it’s still hot and sweltering in Singapore, Christmas is just around the corner! As per tradition for our annual Christmas Bash, we made our way to our head honcho’s private residence for a cozy celebration. With everyone gathered together, we had a BBQ session followed by games. And what kind of Christmas party is it if there isn’t any …

December Birthdays Part (2)

For the second instalment of this series, we’re celebrating Wei Leng and Wei Si’s birthday with an Earl Grey Lemon & Lavender cake as well as a Mango Ice-cream one. See the birthday babies cut their own cake… … and a group shot of us celebrating this special day with them!

December Birthdays Part (1)

Since there were quite a number of December babies, just like in November, we decided to have multiple celebrations this month as well. For our first party, we commemorated Siti’s special day with a Strawberry Ice-cream cake from Swensen’s. … and a group shot of us celebrating this special day with them!